astral projection is it just about leaving your body

Astral Projection is a mindset, a state of being and involves so much more than simply practising a technique. It encompasses many aspects of spiritual development. Often it is the spiritual longing to connect to who we really are that is a major catalyst in having out-of-body experiences. Once you learn to leave your body a whole new world opens up, full of possibilities you’d never dreamt of.
Astral Projection brings home more than anything else the fact that the only thing we can take with us when we die is ourselves, minus the physical body of course. Those expensive sunglasses we bought, those designer clothes, those nice shoes don’t make the slightest bit of difference in the hereafter. What does make a difference is the life we led, the things we did and how much we developed spiritually, taking every opportunity that we met on our path in life.
So isn’t it time we invested in ourselves?
We need to spend time on who we are, unblocking blocks and building energy, we need to empower ourselves. In this way WE can find out the answers, WE can be a part of our own healing. There is always progress to be made, even once you have the ability to leave your body, there is always the possibility to go deeper. Astral Projection is one path towards spirituality, it is not the only one but it is very direct.
To improve the situation of the world where we live, we need to take control of who we are, get to know our inner voice and start working with it, not against it. We need to build up and nurture our Energy Body and finally give it what it needs to flourish. Only in this way will we grow and evolve.
Astral Projection is so much more than just leaving your body, once you combine your spiritual practices, energy work and chakra clearing with your astral practices, you will truly go where no man has gone before.